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Perthshire & the Borders

Friday, July 13th, 2007

cutting on road from Loch Tay, via Ben Lawers, to Glen Lyon

Although drawn to Mull, I ended up in Highland Perthshire to record a number of roads that I had not previously explored and was keen to see. Managed to persuade Talitha to come along and be my helper which was delightful - so much better than working on my own. As the weather forecast was not promising, I built in a number of related things that I wanted to check out - one was the Drovers exhibition at the Crieff Visitor Centre and the other was the play ‘Passing Places’ by Stephen Greenhorn in the Pitlochry Festival Theatre. As it turned out, the weather was kind to us, but both of the other attractions were very useful and interesting - the exhibition for historical information on roads and routes in the highlands, and the play for an interesting perspective by a lowland playwright on adventures in the highlands and for interesting views on driving on highland single-track roads. Our few days in Perthshire were followed (after a night back in Edinburgh) by a trip down to Selkirk in the borders, via small back roads. If the weather is okay for this weekend, I fully intend to make further trips in the borders to investigate some of the smaller, out of the way roads.