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Planting Rowans in Ian’s Memory

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Rowan trees donated by Charlie & Rosie Hackett, Lindy Richardson and Colin Gray were planted in memory of Ian MacKenzie on Friday 26 March, 2010. 4 traditional Scottish trees were planted 2 on each side of the stone steps in the Zoë Capernaros Memorial Herb Garden, behind the School of Scottish Studies Photo Archive, University of Edinburgh. Diagonally opposite, a Kashmiri rowan was planted, by John Turpin, with assistance by Talitha & Ross MacKenzie.

Over £1000 has been collected for the Ian MacKenzie Memorial Fund and a Memorial Exhibition & Concert is planned for September this year.

Talitha MacKenzie planting rowans in the Zoë Capernaros Memorial Herb GardenPhoto by Sarah Bonner-Morgan

Poem for Ian & Talitha MacKenzie

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

No Stopping

When a song
Stays frozen
On your lips,
Open your heart,
Let the silence rise
And pour out
Wrapping you in wings
And freedom to take
This flight into the greater
Silence where you belong.

Misha Feigin, 22 February 2010; photo by Ian MacKenzie
Casting rose petals to the sky